Amazon Key Opens the Door for In-Home Deliveries

October 26, 2017

Amazon was built on the premise of ordering something online and getting it to your door. Now they’re taking it one step further and delivering that package safely inside your home.

On Wednesday the ecommerce giant introduced Amazon key, a program for Amazon Prime members that, when linked to an internet-connected door lock, grants entry to delivery people or other authorized folks…like friends, house cleaners, dog walkers, etc.

The service, paired with a new Amazon-built security camera called Cloud Cam, records deliveries, beaming live or recorded video to a smartphone app.

Once the kit is installed, customers can select an in-home delivery option at checkout. Amazon will send a notification when a package is about to be delivered, giving customers the options to cancel in-home delivery and ask for the package to be left outside, to watch the in-home delivery take place live, or to view a recording later.

Why  would you use this? Maybe you’ve got a problem with porch pirates, or you know something is being delivered during some inclement weather

But the real key to this strategy is that Amazon Key could create an incentive to browse Amazon’s marketplace of home service providers, some of whom, Amazon says, in the coming months will be able to seamlessly gain entry to the home when the resident isn’t there.

Cloud Cam users are encouraged to enter Alexa’s world, too, with the capability to display live footage on Amazon Echo Show devices using voice commands. And, of course,  the in-home delivery concept requires the old $99-a-year Prime subscription.

Bundles that include Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock start at $250. Amazon Key will launch in 37 cities and surrounding areas, including Seattle and the Eastside, starting Nov. 8.

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