Survey: 68% of App Users Want Deals & Offers

November 01, 2017

A recent survey noted that mobile users – 68% of them, to be specific – want to do more than just browse and shop on retailers eCommerce apps. They also want access to offers and deals, rewards programs and personalization, as well AR capabilities.

These are the findings from B2B research firm Clutch, who surveyed 505 eCommerce app users.

Of the survey respondents using mobile shopping apps, 68% said they’d like to receive “deals and offers” as their top reason for using the apps.

Following close behind was “flexibility to buy at any time,” the ability to “compare products and prices,” and the chance to “save time at the store” which garnered 64%, 62%, and 54% respectively.

When asked what kind of features they most want from a mobile app, 85% of respondents said they wanted “discounts on products similar to past purchases,”. 84% said “purchasing directly through the app” and “discounts from push notifications.” 81% said “syncing loyalty rewards, ” and 70% said “product recommendations.”

Other findings from the study indicate that almost 60% of consumers want e-commerce apps that personalize the in-store experience. This tells us what we already knew: that many customers already use their mobile phones in-store as part of the shopping process.  Consumers want to transition from using their phone to compare prices to using mobile apps in-store to see what special offers or experiences await them.

The interesting part of the survey was that more than half – 54% – want AR features on their app. This is great news for retailers ahead of that trend like Wayfair, Lowes, Gap, Sephora and now Target.

The moral of the story is this: If you’re an e-commerce retailer, now is not the time to skimp on details. While designing a mobile site with a clear path to checkout may seem like the logical move, your customers may have other ideas as to how they’d their mobile e-commerce experience. As eCommerce mobile use grows rapidly, it’s important to recognize these features and see how they might serve your customers better.

Full survey from Clutch:
What Consumers Want in E-Commerce Apps: 2017 Survey


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