Customers Want Target to Dial Back the ‘Christmas Creep’

November 03, 2017

Retailer Target is taking a stand on Christmas Creep.

No, Christmas creep is not your weird uncle – it’s that extra jump start that many retailers use to boost sales long before the holiday shopping season begins.

We’re all sick of it. We see holiday merchandising going up even before the Halloween stuff is gone, and now that Halloween is over, you can expect the holiday marketing onslaught to begin.

But there may be a change in the air. Target is taking a stand.

Based on feedback from their customers, the retail giant will dial back the presence of Christmas signs and displays at the front entrances of their stores until after Thanksgiving. In previous years, Target would begin their holiday assault right after Halloween.

Rick Gomez, the retailer’s chief marketing officer, told the Associated Press, about their customers: “They want us to pause, and be really intentional and recognize Thanksgiving,” “What they don’t want us to do is go right into Christmas. So, we are going to respect that.”

Economic realities have forced retailers in the past to keep moving up their holiday blitz campaigns, but consumers have seemed to have grown weary of the Christmas Creep.

But rest assured, once the turkey leftovers on in the fridge, Target will be right there assaulting us from all sides along with other retailers competing for the same dollar.

Target Is Taking on ‘Christmas Creep,’ Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Here’s why Target’s pushback on the ‘Christmas creep’ might just catch on

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