Amazon Exits Fresh Delivery in Certain States

November 06, 2017

In a surprising move, Amazon stated last week that it was ending its Fresh delivery service in several states.

Amazon Fresh customers currently pay $14.95 a month in addition to their $99 Prime membership. Customers can choose from a selection of fresh and frozen foods, in addition to some general merchandise, which is delivered on the same day of morning orders, or the next morning on orders placed later in a day.

In an email sent to customers, Amazon stated that deliveries in these selected areas would stop on November 30th.

Amazon Fresh customers in parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia have reported receiving the notices.

Residents of big cities like Los Angeles and Philadelphia have reported receiving the email.

An Amazon spokeswoman confirmed to that Fresh is ending service in parts of these states, but made clear the service would remain serving certain areas of big cities such as New York City, Boston and Chicago — as well as the aforementioned Philadelphia and Los Angeles, among other metropolises.

The news comes after the online retailer’s $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market, which is expected to play a key role in Amazon’s grocery delivery going forward.

The Amazon spokesman said the changes were unrelated to the Whole Foods acquisition, but declined to provide more details. The spokesman also said she could not speculate if the service would be restarted in the future.

Amazon launched Fresh in Seattle in 2007 and has since struggled to grow the service. It took five years for the company to expand Fresh to a second city. Over the next several years, Amazon rolled the program out to just a handful of markets, including a few international ones like Paris, Tokyo and Berlin.

Amazon Fresh

Amazon is shutting down its Fresh grocery delivery service in parts of at least nine states


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