Trader Joe’s Has a Podcast

May 23, 2018

If you’re a Trader Joes fan, you’re most likely obsessed with the selection, assortment and overall vibe of the national grocery chain. Well, TJ fans have another way to get their fix of favorite store. Trader Joe’s has released a limited series podcast called Inside Trader Joes’s.

Trader Joes Marketing Director Tara Miller, and her colleague Matt Sloan, Vice President of Marketing Product, are the show hosts. They promise the show will not be “one long ad”, but instead dives into some of the burning questions the TJ loyal have asked over the years, like the day to day store operations,  how they pick their products, how some didn’t make the mark (anyone up for some chunky canned pilchard fish) and why on earth they sell individual bananas.

It also answers questions like, “whats up with the parking lots?”, whether or not the retailer plans to sell products online, or what it takes to get a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood.

Sadly, the series is only five episodes long, but Trader Joe’s spokesperson Kenya Friend-Daniels tod“We have many more stories to tell, and also want to make sure we are covering topics of importance to our customers right now, so we’ll be working on it.”

Podcasting is enjoying a wave of popularity right now, and brands like TJs are learning to capitalize on it by putting out shows of their own, and communicating to their customers in a fun and interesting way. Consumers enjoy getting a peek into behind the curtain of their favorite brands – just as long as it doesn’t come off as one long ad.

Inside Trader Joe’s is available on the company’s website, through Apple Podcasts, or on your favorite podcast player.

• Inside Trader Joe’s – a Podcast

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