Alexa Comes to the Workplace

December 06, 2017

Alexa is coming to your office. At the recent cloud computing conference in Las Vegas, Amazon announced Alexa for Business. The service allows users to book conference rooms, begin video conferences, and print documents among a multitude of other common office tasks.

“You no longer ever have to dial in a conference ID,” Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said, introducing the service. “Just say ‘Alexa, start the meeting.'”

The skills are accessed via the Amazon voice devices like the Echo, Dot, and Show and are integrated with the workplace software.

Co-working giant WeWork has already been testing out the platform for about a month and has integrated the voice devices in meeting rooms at the Chelsea HQ. The test, for now, is only available to WeWork employees, as they determine and understand the best use cases for the devices, but will soon deploy it to regional HQ offices and then to enterprise WeWork customers.

WeWork has also integrated Alexa for Business with Zendesk so users can report a problem in the room with their voice.

This is the latest move by Amazon to make their voice technology ubiquitous not only in the home but in the workplace as well.

Alexa for Business

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