Alibaba’s Cainiao Smart Delivery Box

June 12, 2018

We’ve reported at length the growing problem with porch pirates. We’ve seen inventions like smart locks and alarms to deter thieves. Amazon developed the Amazon Key as one solution. There’s also the Amazon and UPS lockers that can keep your packages safe.

Alibaba has unveiled its own smart locker – but with a twist. The Cainiao Smart Locker is a package delivery locker that is installed in a convenient location outside your home or apartment to accept deliveries when you’re not home. But it’s no ordinary locker.

First, the box will text you when you’ve got a delivery. Once you’ve received the text, you have the option to adjust the temperature within the locker – to keep delivered food warm or cold.

The locker is expandable. In its empty state, it sits only a few inches away from the wall but can expand to accept larger deliveries.

The locker can be opened via mobile, using apps like Taobao, Alipay, and Cainiao Guoguo, allowing others to access the box, or by facial recognition.

Delivery drivers access the box via a dynamic password generated by the box itself.

The box is equipped with its own camera and can record real-time images, guaranteeing the safety of the packages inside it.

Unfortunately, the Cainiao box is only a prototype for now, but the company has applied for several patents for the new collection method used on this smart IoT end-user device.

Image, a hot pizza waiting for you when you get home. We can’t wait.


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