Amazon is Going Big on Video

December 13, 2017

Video will be the next big thing in online shopping. And Amazon is going to make sure it leads the way.

Written user reviews are a great way to help shoppers make dedicated buying decisions. And for Amazon, it’s such a huge part of their business that their on-site reviews sometimes outperform Google in eCommerce searches.

And now, according to research firm L2, Amazon wants to pivot to video. They’ve invited some of its two million merchant partners to join the test program, with videos posted to the site in mid-December. These promotional and instructional videos will be no longer than 30 seconds.

According to L2, “this feature is a logical step given how often consumers watch how-to and product review videos before making purchases. By adding the feature, Amazon clearly aims to keep shoppers on its own site, preventing them from migrating to YouTube or social media platforms.”

And there are incentives for customers to watch the videos. Amazon was recently awarded a  for “content-based price reductions and incentives.” The patent says that “customers in an electronic environment can be presented with the option to receive advertising, such as audio, video, or interactive content, in order to receive discounted pricing or similar benefits.”

An example of how this would work: a customer can watch a demo or instructional video of the product on the item detail page. As the customer watches more of the ad, the displayed price for the item drops. As of now, no online retailer outside of Amazon’s ecosystem can offer this benefit to customers – and if the patent holds, no one else will.

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