Amazon Patents AR Mirror to Try on Virtual Clothes

January 23, 2018

amazon virtual mirror patent

You put on that outfit for vacation and look in the mirror to see how it looks. What if your mirror could take that image one step further and show you how you look in that outfit…at the beach?

A recent patent filing by Amazon would make that a reality. The patented technology is a blended-reality display that puts your image onto a virtual scene, wearing your virtual outfit.

This magical mirror is a step up from the existing Amazon Echo Look style assistant, which lets you take 360-degree photos of your outfits.

The new display relies on a system of cameras, projectors, displays, mirrors, and lights that can add layers of pixels to your moving image on a real-time basis.

The patent states: “When the user views the mirror, the user sees a reflection from the mirror of illuminated objects in the scene and the transmitted images from the display device through the mirror, the transmitted images being perceived as part of the reflected scene,”

The image provides a ‘blended reality’ view of yourself wearing stylish outfits in virtual locations. A camera at the top of the mirror tracks the user’s body, and then a screen behind the reflective panel works with projects to illuminate the picture. You could, for example, visit a virtual beach and then have the mirror dress you for the part with virtual t-shirts and shorts that follow you as you walk around.

Face-tracking sensors and sophisticated software would manage the display so that you saw a realistic blended picture from any angle.

It’s worth noting that Amazon’s acquisition of New York-based Body Labs, reported last October, plays right into a blended-reality product strategy.

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