Amazon to Buy Empty Toys R Us Locations

March 29, 2018

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Amazon has reportedly looked into expanding their retail footprint by acquiring some locations from bankrupt retailer Toys R Us.

But don’t look for an Amazon/Toys R Us reboot. The soon-to-be-vacant toy stores will reportedly be used as a retail space for Amazon products, such as their line of Echo devices.

Giving Amazon a bigger retail footprint would help the company bring their inventory closer to their consumer, potentially being used as a quick delivery hub. The stores could also be used as a staging ground for Whole Foods deliveries, as it begins its rollout of 2-hour deliveries in some cities.

But, according to a report by Bloomberg, the negotiations for the empty stores could go nowhere. In 2015, Amazon held discussions about acquiring some RadioShack locations around the time of the electronics retailer’s bankruptcy filing, people familiar with the matter said. Nothing came of those talks.

Meanwhile, Toys “R” Us may live on in some form. its Canadian unit, which was in financially better shape than the US stores, is up for sale, along with its operations around the world. The division in the U.K. is currently being wound down.

A buyer could potentially still operate some U.S. stores from a Canadian base. The company has begun liquidating its more than 700 U.S. locations but is holding off at its 200 best stores for the next few weeks.

And finally, Charles Lazarus, the founder of Toys R Us, has died last week at the age of 94, according to a company spokeswoman. The founder dies 3 days after the shutdown announcement, Mr. Lazarus no longer had a stake in the company at the time of his death.

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