Amazon Unlocks In-Car Deliveries

May 02, 2018

amazon in car delivery

Amazon just turned your car into a safe locker. Amazon has teamed up with carmakers GM and Volvo to provide a service where your vehicle can be unlocked and packages delivered.

The new service is an extension of the Key in-home delivery initiative.

Amazon has been coming up with creative last mile solutions for delivery to its customers. It has the networks of Amazon lockers at convenient locations, including their Whole Foods stores. It also has the original Key in-home delivery concept, where Amazon workers are given access to your home to place packages. Now the idea has been extended to the car.

These ideas also help in the fight against porch pirates, a growing problem for e-commerce providers.

Any Amazon Prime member with an active GM OnStar or Volvo On Call account can use the service. The service is currently available in 37 U.S. urban/suburban markets.  

The service is called “Key In-Car Delivery,” and requires a 2015 model year or newer Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, or Cadillac, or newer Volvo. Customers download the Amazon Key App on their smartphone and link their Amazon and connected car service accounts. There is no extra charge for the service. The cars are opened remotely by OnCall personnel; Amazon workers have no keys or other methods for access.

“Customers receive a notification via the Amazon Key App when the delivery is on its way and after the delivery is completed and the vehicle is relocked. Deliveries are made to a stationary car parked in a publicly accessible area,” the press release from GM and Amazon said.

The fine print: the vehicle must be within 2 blocks of the registered address. You can’t use the service if you’re in a multi-story garage. Not everything from the Amazon catalog is eligible, and the weight cannot exceed 50 pounds or measure greater than 26 by 21 by 16 inches.

It may seem unsettling to have a stranger in your car, but perhaps the peace of mind of that your packages are safe in your vehicle rather than sitting on your step may make the service well worth using.

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