Amazon Ups Its Prime for Business Offerings

November 07, 2018

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Amazon has announced new perks for its Business Prime subscribers. In addition to unlimited free two-day shipping, Amazon expanding the offering to include same-day and one-day shipping for free on over one million items. The free shipping options are available to subscribers ordering $35 or more and located within select 8,000 cities and towns in the United States.

Higher tier subscribers will now be able to access spending analytics, and controls called Spend Visibility and Guided Buying to get a greater picture of their spending. Members can also now tell Amazon to consolidate the shipments into larger — but fewer — shipments.

With Guided Buying business owners can take more control over their employees’ corporate spending. It lets them set certain suppliers or products as “preferred” or even disallow purchases altogether. The controls can reflect company policy.

Lastly, Amazon is rolling out a new American Express card just for Business Prime customers, with benefits like 5% back on purchases on or at Amazon-owned businesses, or 90 days interest-free purchases from those same places.

The Amazon Business marketplace is becoming a fast-growing sector for the company. Amazon Business marketplace has hit $10 billion yearly worldwide – only two years ago, those sales were $1 billion.

Amazon states that their business product is used by more than half of the Fortune 100 businesses in the US., 40% of the 100 most populous US cities’ governments and 80% of the US’ largest educational institutions.

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