Amazon’s SmileCodes

February 12, 2018

amazn smile codes

Amazon is taking a stab at QR Codes with their new SmileCodes.

QR Codes are used by advertisers to take consumers to destinations on the web by simply snapping a photo of the code with their smartphone. Amazon’s SmileCodes work much the same.  

The design of QR codes are generally ugly, but the SmileCodes integrate well with Amazon’s branding and feature the trademarked Amazon smile logo.

According to Tech Crunch, the SmileCodes were used during the holiday season in London at an Amazon pop-up store where shoppers accessed a sales page by scanning a SmileCode next to an item. The codes also were used on Amazon lockers in the U.K. to advertise a Bluetooth speaker.

“The content is code-specific and could be anything from a product detail page to an exclusive movie trailer, a recipe and more,” an Amazon spokeswoman commented to Retail Dive. She added that SmileCodes in many cases will have short labels describing what they are for, such as “scan to shop” or “scan to watch an exclusive trailer,” unless they are positioned in such a way that makes it obvious where they lead.

The SmileCodes will be premiering in the U.S. with the March issues of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines.

This is yet another way Amazon is using traditional media like magazine pages to get you onto their digital store pages. If the test is successful, you can bet you’ll  see the SmileCodes appearing everywhere, even on your Amazon shipment box.

• Amazon’s SmileCodes are QR codes users scan to get discounts and other offers

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