Amazon’s Warehouse Wrist Tracker Patent

March 01, 2018


amazon wristband patent 1Geek Wire reports that Amazon has received patent approval for a wristband system able to gauge the accuracy of warehouse workers’ item and picking location.

Sensors within the wristband determine the correct placement of a worker’s hand in relation to the item currently being chosen, while software confirms its accuracy versus the location of the inventory item being processed. Haptic feedback could alert the worker to her success.

The patents, filed in 2016, suggest that the wristbands provide a no-muss, no-fuss method for verifying that the correct items are being processed. The inventors say the system circumvents the need for “computationally intensive and expensive” monitoring by means of computer vision, a la Amazon Go.

While the whole concept of a wearing a tracking bracelet may seem about as fun as a house arrest device, Amazon assures that the device is a labor-saving device,  meant to free up workers hands by not having to use handheld scanners.

amazon wristband patent 2

Manufacturers, always looking for an edge in efficiency, lead the way in wearable tech for workers. Supply Chain Dive reports that at least half of all manufacturers intend to adopt wearable technologies by 2022 in the form of wrist gear, eyewear and around-the-neck appliances.

• Amazon wins a pair of patents for wireless wristbands that track warehouse workers


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