America Has a Drunk Shopping Problem

March 20, 2018

Woman drunk shopping online

If you’ve ever had one too many glasses of wine, and then discovered mysterious packages at your door a few days later, you’re not alone.

According to a report by, Americans who drink alcohol regularly admit to purchasing while under the influence — an estimated 68 million people, drawn from their study of 2,000 American adults.

Americans spent an average of $448 per person in drunk purchases in 2017 – nearly double the number from 2016. Those drunken $448 shopping sprees amount to an estimated $30.43 billion in the last year.

And men are the biggest drunk shoppers: They are responsible for more drunk spending than women: $564 compared to $282.

GenXer’s spent the most on drunk purchases, averaging $738 last year in 2017 – that’s more than triple the amount that millennials spent, which was $206.

The Marrieds spend twice as much on spontaneous drunk purchases than their divorced counterparts, with an average $327.62 spent in total compared to a divorcee’s $147.71. However, singletons are the most likely to make a purchase while drunk: 55.78% of single people admitting to making a purchase while under the influence, compared with only 43.63% of married drinkers.

And what are we buying with a buzz on? Everything from clothing to gambling, the study found. About 61 percent of shoppers say they drunkenly spend on food. The next most common purchases are shoes and clothes and then gambling.

Retailers are honing in on this trend by offering more sales after 9 p.m.

• America’s drunk shopping habit hits $30.43 billion

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