Apple Tests ‘Order Ahead’ for Drinks at Music Festivals

June 08, 2018

bottlerock music festival

What’s the worst part about going to a concert (besides the ‘bathroom situation’)? It’s waiting in line for a tasty cold beverage while hoping the band doesn’t play your favorite song.

Apple plans to fix that problem with ‘Order Ahead from Apple Pay.’ Apple debuted the new service last week at the BottleRock music festival near San Francisco.

Here’s how it works: you download the festival’s app (because of course, the festival has its own app), choose the closest concession to where you’re standing, select the beverages of your choice, then pay with Apple Pay.  Then, walk over to the designated window to pick up your drinks. Easy peasy.

The BottleRock festival is close to Apple’s HQ, so it frequently serves as a testbed for Apple Pay. Last year, every concession stand got equipped with Square’s Apple Pay-ready point of sale system and special fast lanes for customers who used it instead of cash or credit card. According to an Apple spokesperson, thirty percent of all transactions at last years festival were made with Apple Pay.

Testing an order ahead feature at festivals is a sure way to tap into that demographic already used to paying for things via mobile. The service will also be a win for concession vendors who will undoubtedly see an uptick in orders once people get used to the convenience.

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