Under Armor Drone Delivers Free Steph Curry Sneakers to Fans

December 21, 2017

Under Armour announced last week via their Instagram feed, that they would be giving away 30 pairs of NBA Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry autographed shoes around the San Francisco Bay Area on Saturday, December 16th.

The event was called the Curry Drone Drop – meaning the shoes would be delivered via drone. For fans to get the shoes, they had to participate in a digital scavenger hunt, by checking an interactive map on Under Armor’s Instagram feed to find out the drone drop sites. When you find a โ€œdrop zone pinโ€ on that map, you’d get a QR code that will lead you to a โ€œDrop Zoneโ€ where the drone delivery would happen.

Throughout the day on Saturday, Under Armour used the drones to drop Steph Curry autographed pairs of the brand new More Dubs version of the Curry 4 sneakers.

Fans outside of the Bay Area were also eligible to win by finding hidden prize markers scattered throughout the digital map. By finding them, they were then eligible to enter a sweepstakes.



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