Big Brands to Test Loop Reusable Packaging Subscription

February 07, 2019

Subscription delivery services are wildly popular these days. CPG brands Nestle, Pepsi and Unilever are looking to get into the game, except with a key twist. All packing for the subscription product would be reusable.

The service is called Loop. Loop is launching a trial with 25 brand partners and hopes to appeal to the more environmentally conscious consumer. To quote the Loop website, “Loop is a circular shopping platform that transforms the packaging of your everyday essentials from single-use disposable to durable, feature-packed designs.”

Loop is honoring the old concept of the milkman: you get your products delivered, then return the containers for a refill. Loop will handle the cleaning and reuse aspect of the packaging. Loop hygienically cleans and sanitizes the empty packaging you send back, so they are ready for reuse, instead of ending up as waste after a single use.

The cost of the products will be comparable to single-use packaging, except subscribers, would be required to pay a deposit on the containers that would range from $1 to $10.

The service is scheduled to launch in May and will cover parts of Paris. New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Loop is partnering with British grocer Tesco for delivery in London and is aiming for Tokyo launch in 2020.

For the moment, Loop is soft launching with a small trial group. You can sign up for the trial at


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