Boxed Unveils ‘Prime-Style’ Subscription

April 16, 2018

boxed subscription

Bulk online shopping site Boxed last week unveiled a new premium service called ‘Boxed Up’. The service comes with member perks like 2% cash rewards, free priority shipping and access to special promotions. In addition, members will get VIP customer service and price-matching for competitors, all for $49 a year.

According to Ash Prashar, VP of communications for Boxed, the company decided to roll out Boxed Up now as a premium service because customers were asking for deeper discounts and unique promotions.

“So, we decided to roll out a premium service that rewards loyal customers with perks and promotions for shopping on Boxed,” he said.

One of the big differences between this and the traditional service is the free, two-day shipping on all orders, versus free for only orders over $49.

Exclusives include deals on the Boxed Hotels booking site, extra entries for prizes like Vitamixes, Keurigs and Dyson fans, and special discounts worked out between Boxed and the likes of Keurig, Pepsi, and Kraft, he said.

Boxed customers, including consumer or business accounts, can try out the premium service for a 30-day free trial. Otherwise, for those not in the Boxed Up tier, shipping is free on orders over $49, and the company says that most arrive within two business days.

The launch of ‘Boxed Up’ is the New York-based retailer’s latest attempt to be a serious competitor in the increasingly competitive grocery e-commerce market.



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