Brandless Offers Product Subscriptions

January 29, 2019

brandless box

Brandless has launched a subscription service. Brandless is a direct to consumer home essentials business that’s known for selling all its ethically-sourced “brandless” items for $3 each.

The new service will allow their customers to receive certain products on a schedule – weekly, monthly, twice a year, or any timeline of their choosing.

And each subscription box comes with a surprise gift.

The move is a convenience play for consumers who don’t want to have to think about running out of essentials like paper towels. It also mimics Amazon’s Pantry service. However, Prime Memberships are $199  year – this Brandless service has no membership. It simply charges a $5 flat fee per order, unless you hit their $39 minimum shipping threshold.

Brandless does offer a membership at $36 a year, which includes free shipping on any purchase amount, and meal donations to Feeding America.

Brandless has also announced it will be giving two extra meals to Feeding America per subscription box. (cite history)

Brandless launched in mid-2017, and by the end of last year, it had over 400  of the $3 products in its inventory. CEO Tina Sharkey told Retail Dive that they plan to double their offerings this year.


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