CallPage Lets You Call Your Site Visitors

August 09, 2018

The age-old question in ecommerce is: why did that customer leave my site? Features like pop-ups, chatbots and abandoned cart emails only serve half the purpose – they may get the customers attention, but the question remains unanswered: Why?

Polish startup Call Page may have the answer. CallPage was started when founders Ross Knap, Sergey Butko, and Andrew Tkachiv were also feeling the frustration of exiting visitors. As consultants they experimented with concepts and solutions after hours, and realized maybe just talking to the customer might be the way to go. CallPage states on its website: “We believe that unifying human conversation and technology has changed the world of sales,”

CallPage CEO Ross Knapp explained the app to Tech Crunch like this: “Our widget analyzes user behavior on your website. Then when it sees an interested visitor, it offers him a free callback in 28 seconds. The interested visitor leaves a phone number on your site, our widget calls to the first available manager’s mobile phone and then the next one if no one picks up. After the conversation, the client will receive an SMS of thanks. It doesn’t require any extra work.”

CallPage seeks to expand beyond a calling widget into full-featured calling services for companies.

Knapp explained, “CallPage will continue the realization of our development plan,” said Knap. “The company is going to change into a product more from the perspective of ‘All your company calls in one place.’ The R&D department has already started working on using machine learning and AI which allows analyzing of hundreds of thousands of calls through the CallPage system. Thanks to this, companies will be able to run their communications more effectively.”

Currently, the startup has over 3,00 customers like UPC, Medicover, Coral Travel and Virgin and makes 280,000 calls monthly. The company claims to have served the total of two million customers, with 800,000 of them being the EU citizens


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