Coty Says ‘Let’s Get Ready’ on the Echo Show

February 06, 2018


Beauty company Coty has created a new visual skill for Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Show called Let’s Get Ready. The skill takes a user’s personal attributes such as hair, eye, and skin color and gives “on-demand, occasion-based look planning,” according to a Coty press release.

The skill is capable of delivering looks based on more than 2,000 unique combinations of hair, eye and skin color, according to the release. The skill can provide curated looks, visual tutorials and quick tips, as well as recommendations for products from Coty’s Consumer Beauty portfolio, which includes brands such as Clairol, Rimmel, Max Factor, Bourjois and Sally Hansen.

After users have created a “look,” they can add any of the products to an Alexa shopping list. The skill can also be synchronized with a user’s Facebook calendar to proactively suggest looks for upcoming events, the press release stated.

The visual skill was designed for optimal use on the Echo Show, but is also being made available on all Echo devices. The obvious advantage in using the Echo Show is the visual interface.

Since it launched in 2017, we haven’t seen too many retail or eCommerce based skills being released especially for the device. The Coty skill seems like a natural move for beauty companies wanting to take advantage of not only voice shopping but those incorporating video as well.

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