Earn Rewards with Tommy Hilfiger’s Connected Clothes

August 07, 2018

 Tommy Jeans Xplore

Fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger has launched a brand of ‘connected clothing’. The clothes are equipped with smart-chip technology and offer rewards for people who participate in on-the-go experiences, creating a micro-community of brand ambassadors.

The Tommy Jeans Xplore clothing line has a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tag that connects the products to the dedicated iOS Tommy Jeans Xplore app. Users earn points based on how often the clothing is worn,  how many visits they make to predetermined hot spots in the U.S., and whether the wearer participates in a Pokémon Go-style game to heart-shaped branded icons on the app’s map, according to TechCrunch.

Users can earn rewards and experiences like concert cash and concert tickets through its brand partnership with Live Nation, tickets to a fashion show, a visit to the Tommy Archives, and exclusive access to brand events. There’s also product discounts and an option to redeem earned points to make donations to select charities.

It’s not yet clear if people will buy into the concept of wearing clothing that tracks your every move, however its to be noted that the personal information on the clothing’s smart tags is separated and encrypted, and Engadget reports that the tags can be shut off at any time.

Tommy Jeans Xplore

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