eBay Now Sells Wireless Plans with Used Phones

October 08, 2018

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With the release of new smartphones from Apple, Samsung and soon a new Google Pixel 3, a flood of people will soon be flipping their phones. One of the biggest marketplaces for second-hand phones is, of course, eBay. eBay is among the world’s biggest marketplaces for buying and selling phones, with one sold every four seconds in the U.S. alone.

A great benefit to buying a second-hand phone is that there’s no contract. But no contract means your phone is a brick until you find a carrier and a wireless plan.

eBay is solving that problem with a new service offering. When purchasing a used phone on the site, you can also add a prepaid wireless phone plan as an add-on option in the listing. A checkbox underneath the “Add to cart” button offers a 30-day unlimited wireless plan from Red Pocket Mobile. You can tailor your wireless plan to for your budget: a 30-day unlimited wireless plan can be had for $29.00, up to a 360-day unlimited wireless plan for $249.00.

Red Pocket is a mobile virtual network operator that lets subscribers choose any major carrier they want to use, a key factor given that coverage varies depending on where you are in the country.

“Red Pocket Mobile is the natural partner for us to launch our add-on wireless plan,” noted eBay category manager David Grim. “Because Red Pocket works on all of America’s major networks, their service can apply to virtually all of the millions of phones sold on eBay.”

The partnership makes good sense for both companies. Anyone looking for affordable smartphones generally goes to eBay first to look for devices, and bundling a wireless plan along with the handset makes for a better buying experience for the customer.

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