Facebook Cracks Down on Junk Sellers

July 03, 2018

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Did you ever scan your Facebook feed and see products for sale, and think ‘Is this legit? Can they really sell this for that price?” Sometimes that deal really is too good to be true. Facebook had seen a rise in complaints from users regarding merchandise that’s sub-par or doesn’t arrive on time (or at all).

The move comes after a Wall Street Journal article featuring a $70 hoodie that the buyer said smelled like gasoline.

The new features will allow users to share their shopping experiences and leave feedback after viewing a Facebook ad. The social media giant said it is warning businesses that receive a high volume of negative feedback to give them a chance to address the grievances. If their feedback doesn’t improve over time, Facebook will reduce the number of ads that businesses can deliver and could also simply ban the merchant from the platform.

“There are some companies that are just bad actors and we have no tolerance for that,” said Sarah Epps, a product marketing director at Facebook. “As soon as we can detect those companies, we enforce against them, but for companies that do want to improve, we want to give them that opportunity.”

The announcement comes after the Wall Street Journals article about merchants who sell shoddy goods drop shipping from China via platforms like AliExpfress or Oberlo. Shoppers have frequently complained about misleading marketing and low-quality goods that arrived weeks later from China.

Facebook said it has already started warning hundreds of e-commerce sites that have received a high volume of negative feedback. Among those notified were the types of businesses mentioned in the Journal story.

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