FedEx Ground Now Running 6 Days a Week

October 02, 2018

fedex ground truck

FedEx has announced that they will be expanding their ground operations to add a sixth day to their delivery schedule.

The move is in response to the growing demands behind put on the service due to the explosive growth in eCommerce as well as the upcoming holiday season.

Currently, FedEx delivers Tuesday through Saturday, and only adds six and seven-day schedules during peak season, which traditionally begins on Black Friday, although many retailers are rolling back the season to start at Thanksgiving day.

FedEx is expecting record volume this season and plans to hire 55,000 temporary workers in IAD into their current staff of 425,000 to meet the demand.

“The rise in demand for e-commerce goes beyond peak,” Raj Subramaniam, FedEx’s chief marketing and communications officer, said in a statement. “It’s a year-round phenomenon and we are ready to meet that demand. FedEx Ground has operated six- and seven-day operations during the holidays for several years as e-commerce has grown, and thanks to strategic investments in our network, we are now well-positioned to operate six days a week in the U.S. all year to best serve the rapidly growing demand.”

FedEx has seen service demand explode over the last decade. Ten years ago, the record volume day was 12 million shipments; today, FedEx handles more than 14 million shipments on an average day.


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