Fishbox Delivers Your Packages When You Want

February 02, 2018

fishbox home page

eCommerce is a wonderful thing – you order something, and it shows up at your door. But if you’re not home, those new pants could become the property of the local ‘package pirate’. Wouldn’t it be great if they could deliver your packages when you want it, not on the delivery service’s schedule?

Philly entrepreneur Napoleon Suarez wants to solve that problem with his new startup Fishbox.

How it works: When signing up for Fishbox, you’re given a unique box number. When ordering online, you use Fishbox’s address for shipping, along with your unique box number.

Fishbox then delivers the packages to customers’ doors at a time that’s most convenient for them. The company charges $5 fee, or $50 a month unlimited if you order a lot online.

Fishbox is similar to San Francisco’s Doorman or New York’s Parcel and caters to busy people that just can’t be home to wait for package deliveries.

“It’s like Postmates meets FedEx,” he said. All customers have to do upon the driver’s arrival is sign their name on his electronic device. Payment is automatic, as they will have already entered their credit card information, and no tip is necessary, Suarez said, eliminating any need for cash.

The service, for now, only services four zip codes in center city Philadelphia, but Suarez hopes to raise capital to hire more drivers and built out his software to expand his territory.


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