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July 10, 2018

Broadway shows are a staple of New York City nightlife, for both tourists and locals alike. But the process of getting tickets to a show can be intimidating, expensive, frustrating –  or all three. Little has changed over the years with the theatre ticket buying experience.

About 70% of Broadway tickets are sold to tourists. The extra 30% goes to locals. Of that 30% of locals, 95% of tickets are sold to people who see 12 or more shows per year.  But many New Yorkers simply do not see shows. Not due to desire, but due to time restraints on busy New Yorkers lives. Tickets are expensive, research takes time. Also, reaching a group consensus on both show and price point is stressful.

New Yorker Elizabeth Durand Streisand wondered: what if you removed these obstacles?

Elizabeth went theater to theater and convinced ticket-sellers that she could get these unsold tickets to people who wanted to incorporate Broadway into their lives but didn’t have the time for decisions.

And so Broadway Roulette was born. Here’s who it works: users go to the site and specify a date and a number of tickets. Pick a preference of a musical or a play, then exclude from the list up to four shows you’ve seen (or simply don’t want to see). The rest is up to chance. Every show currently on Broadway is thrown into the roulette pool: Even perpetually hard-to-snag tickets.

On the day of the show, Broadway Roulette “spins the wheel” and sends you an email notification 2-3 hours prior to curtain telling you what show you’ll be attending and what theater you need to get to – all for the affordable, flat price of $49 weekdays and $59 weekends.

Broadway Roulette

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