Gravy: Livestream Gaming Meets Online Commerce

June 01, 2018


Gravy is a new app that combines gaming, shopping and fundraising in one app. It’s self-described as ‘the first shopping game show you play on your phone’. Each night at 8:30 pm, Gravy live streams a show that gives audiences the chance to compete for discounts on new, innovative products and win cash prizes, all while raising money for charity.

Each live stream features a price dropping shopping game. There are up to twenty products offered for purchase when the stream starts. Every product featured starts at full price. But each second you wait, the price drops further. You can buy at any time during the price drop. The exciting part is, there’s only a limited supply of each product, and only Gravy knows the quantity. If you wait too long, the product might sell out.

You can also compete for cash prizes to guess how low the price will go – Gravy says it’s sort of like the love child of eBay and The Price is Right that lives on your phone.

And that’s not all! Every time you buy in a Shopping Game, Gravy donates at least 20% of those proceeds (and up to 100% in some special cases) to a charity selected from their approved list. Stuff your pockets with cash, score deals and raise money for charity!

Gravy follows in the footsteps of the massively popular mobile game HQ Trivia, which kills productivity in offices around the world at 3 and 9 pm each day. Gravy was founded by startup veterans Mark McGuire, Brian Wiegand, and Craig Andler who founded, an older social shopping network that was acquired by Microsoft back in 2007, to help create Bing Shopping.

Get Gravy at your local app store.

Gravy Live

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