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June 18, 2018

draft for home homepage june 2018

Everybody likes a cold beer once in a while, but nothing beats a beer right from the tap. However, home keg systems are expensive and require maintenance. Heineken aims to fix that problem with their new direct to consumer ecommerce sites Draft for Home and Now Heineken.

Draft for Home will sell a line of home tap machines, along with the special 2-liter kegs that dispense your favorite brewskis. The special kegs dispense not only beer but also cold coffee and kombucha. Dispensing beverages besides beer keeps the tap machine in use all day (and not stashed away in the man cave).

The site will begin testing in New York, and Heineken plans on eventually making the site available throughout the U.S.

The sites not only allow Heineken to give people more convenience but more variety. For, Heineken will eventually partner with 250 local and international brewers to sell their own mini kegs that work within the home tap system. The concept will allow for a rotating assortment of kegs that consumers can buy, which can help the company adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences, something it cannot do with traditional retail.

Santiago Murphy, director of innovation at Heineken USA told DigiDay: “People are shifting a big part of their purchases to e-commerce because it delivers a convenient and immediate solution against going to a store. We are partnering with all tiers in the beer industry to make sure we all catch up to people’s expectations to get access to our products online, for any occasion.”

Ecommerce allows Heienken to get to market faster without have the lag of getting products to the stores and bars or dealing with shelf placement issues.

The sites will make deliveries in an hour or for a specific day to a person at the delivery site that is 21 or older. Heineken is also in beginning talks with other e-commerce sites like Amazon to see what other options might look like in the future so that the company can scale its offerings.

Because of strict regulations, beer cannot be sold direct to consumers, but instead sold to distributors. When placing an order online, the participating distributor near the customer processes the request.

The decision to focus on draft beer for the new site comes from Heineken’s findings that 70 percent of consumers prefer draft beer, but that people don’t have as much of an opportunity to enjoy it,

Each home tap machine, which holds 2 liters of beer, for $179.99 and mini kegs for around $19.99 each.

Draft for Home

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