Here’s Why Amazon has Been Sending You Package Pics

March 13, 2018

Amazon Packages

You may have noticed recently that Amazon has started to send you pictures of your deliveries sitting on your front step.

According to a report in USA Today, Amazon has been quietly expanding a program over the past few months in which some of its delivery providers take a picture of where they put your package. The photo is included in the notice of delivery received by shoppers so they know when it arrived and where to look for it.

The service is called ‘Photo on Delivery’ and has been rolled out in Seattle, San Francisco, and Northern Virginia, where contracted delivery drivers working for Amazon use a mobile device and app to record the photo and other delivery details,

The service hopes to solve a common customer pain point – where is my package? Because sometimes your helpful Amazon driver, in order to deter thieves, may have hidden your box of Rx Bars a little too well. It also keeps the drivers honest, proving that your package was indeed delivered.

The photo may show up in the “Your Orders” section of Amazon’s website when a customer logs in, and also may be viewed by customer service representatives in situations when the packages later go missing or a customer has a specific question about the photo, according to Amazon.

Privacy is a big consideration: No photos will be taken at addresses that are meant to remain confidential or is not that of the buyer’s, such as when the purchase came from a gift registry or wish list.

The ‘Photo on Delivery’ service was launched quietly but is another way that Amazon can show dominance in the delivery field. Services like Photo on Delivery, the Amazon Key service, and the recent acquisition of Ring shows that Amazon is taking security and the fight against porch pirates seriously.

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