Hertz Partners with CLEAR to Speed Checkout

January 09, 2019

hertz and clear


Business travelers know that the less time you can spend in the airport, the better.  Now, biometric scanning is attempting to make things easier to avoid the lines at airports when checking in and renting a car.

Biometric ID company CLEAR has been using biometric data to get travelers through airports faster.  Scanning eyes or fingertips for identification has helped speed things up for business travelers that subscribe to its service in some 35 airports.

Now, CLEAR is teaming up with rental car company Hertz for a test program in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.  Fast Lane users will be able to bypass the lines by letting a biometric kiosk scan their face when they’re ready to leave the rental car lot.  Hertz says the process will take about 30 seconds to recognize the traveler and lift the exit gate.

To take advantage of this offer, you will need to be a member of the CLEAR program and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program.CLEARcharges $179 annually for its airport check-in program. If you want to use it strictly for Hertz, you can forego the annual fee.

Biometric scanners powered byCLEAR are also popping up at places like Yankee Stadium in New York, Coors Field in Denver, Dodgers Stadium in L.A., and other sports stadiums.

Biometric data for identification purposes is becoming more common every day.  67% of smartphones today have fingerprint sensors. Apple built facial recognition into its latest phones.  Law enforcement is increasingly using fingerprint, facial recognition, voice data, and DNA profiling for crime investigations, suspect identification, and prison security.

• Get on the road faster with Hertz and CLEAR.


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