Holiday Shoppers Not Quite Ready for Chatbots

November 20, 2017

Consumers don’t want robots shopping for them. That’s the findings of a recent study conducted by applet enabler IFTTT.

58% of the consumers surveyed said that they change their shopping habits during the holiday season, with the majority of those saying that they shop more online during the holidays than during the rest of the year.

But a whopping 83% stated they don’t want chatbots helping them with their shopping. However, most said they’d be ok with a delivery robot bringing them their orders.

Another 68% said they’ve never used a chatbot, and almost one quarter – 23% – said they don’t even know what one is.

As retailers move forward and invest in new eCommerce technologies, it appears that a large segment of their customers just isn’t ready to embrace them.

And an encouraging note for bricks and mortar retailers – only 34% of the respondent say they actually shop more online than they do in-store.


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