Hyundai Launches Amazon Digital Showroom

July 30, 2018

amazon hyundai landing page july 2018

Hyundai Motors has debuted a digital showroom on Amazon.

The showroom features photo galleries and lets potential car buyers view and compare different Hyundai models. The showroom includes price comparisons, reviews, vehicle details, test drive bookings, the ability to check dealership inventories and other Shopper Assurance elements through Amazon Vehicles, the automaker said in a news release.

Unfortunately, you can’t add a car to your cart, but you can click through directly from Amazon to the Hyundai website, where you can find a local dealer, streamline purchase options, see pricing and learn about the company’s exchange program.

Hyundai previously partnered with Amazon in 2016 on its on-demand test-drive program, called “Prime Now, Drive Now,” that allowed prospective buyers to schedule test drives through Amazon Prime Now. The automaker was also the first mainstream car brand to connect vehicles with homes using Amazon Echo and the Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa. Once you enable the Blue Link skill, you can use your device to lock or unlock the doors, start the car, crank the ac, or even charge your car if you’ve got an EV model.

Auto sellers are increasing their digital efforts to in order to appeal to a younger demographic that is used to the online buying experience. Hyundai’s partnership with Amazon is in line with auto industry predictions that 10% of vehicle transactions will be online by 2019.

Hyundai on Amazon

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