iZettle Expands from Payments to Commerce

May 17, 2018

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iZettle, known as ‘The Square of Europe’ is expanding its service portfolio beyond payments and financing and expanding its eCommerce offerings.

iZettle eCommerce is now available in UK and Sweden and will be rolling out to Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands later this Spring.

The startup was founded in 2011 in Stockholm by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson. They began as a mobile payments solution and was the first company to develop a chip-card reader and app for smartphone-based mobile commerce which meets international security requirements. The company has since expanded into software and financing services to support small business.

The new platform lets customers build online inventory and check-out experiences either to complement the physical sales they are already making with iZettle itself, or as a standalone service as new customers to the company. It also allows customers to add a buy button to an existing site or start selling via social media. Everything is managed through iZettle. It processes all major credit cards and online payments and supports PayPal transactions.

CEO and co-founder Jacob de Geer explained: “This is iZettle’s biggest product launch since 2011 and it is a huge moment for us. Today’s consumers expect businesses to be present both offline and online, and half of iZettle’s users currently don’t have an online shop and the other half struggle with different complex online systems”,

iZettle also announced it’s aiming to go public on Nasdaq Stockholm during 2018.

iZettle eCommerce

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