Kohl’s Amazon Return Program is Driving Traffic

April 09, 2018

In September, we reported that Kohl’s stores were piloting a program to allow customers to make Amazon returns at Kohls stores.

The partnership with Amazon, which began in 2017, presents an opportunity for Kohl’s to boost foot traffic at its 81 participating locations in Chicago and Los Angeles, Mansell said.

Kohl’s Chairman, President, and CEO Kevin Mansell says that the partnership has so far been successful. He told CNBC in an interview, “We’re a few months into it, but we know one thing for sure: the experience is amazing and people are using the service,” the CEO said, noting that driving traffic has been Kohl’s No. 1 priority for the last two years.

Mansell said, “If the customer responds, they think it’s a great experience, they use the service, but very importantly, it drives incremental traffic, then we’re going to look to expand it.”

But Mansell admitted that Kohl’s results were only half of the equation. Amazon is also tracking how the Kohl’s partnership affects its own business, he said.

Mansell also acknowledged that Amazon products and returns are far from the only things driving traffic into Kohl’s stores.

And as we reported last month, Kohl’s has started investing more in its omnichannel strategy and testing “flexible formats” at its locations by filling vacant real estate with grocery or convenience stores.

The company has also been able to stave off closing stores like many of its competitors because its stores are located outside of the mall.

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