Macy’s Instagram Live Share Hack for Spring Promo

March 26, 2018

macys remarkable you

Retailer Macy’s has created a unique Instagram hack to promote their Spring 2018 campaign. The campaign is called ‘Remarkable You” that helps customers via Instagram put together outfits with help from influencers and Macy’s stylists, according to a news release.

Macy’s is partnering with Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Look Book and other influencers, who, along with Cassandra Jones, Macy’s SVP of fashion, will help users “find the most remarkable version of themselves” by hacking Live Share, a new Instagram Live Video feature that let’s two people live stream a video simultaneously.

For its #FindRemarkable Instagram thread, Macy’s is providing influencers with the same article of clothing. Each influencer will uniquely style the item using other Macy’s clothing and accessories and then tag and challenge a fellow influencer to re-style the clothing item. Users are encouraged to join the conversation by sharing how they have styled the same item.   

In addition to the Instagram campaign, Macy’s launched a 90-second commercial running through April 7. The spot tells the story of six women who are surprised when they catch a glimpse of different versions of themselves as they go about their daily activities.


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