Market @ Macy’s Pop Up Shops

February 28, 2018

market at macys

Macy’s is launching a series of pop-up shops aimed to boost exposure of brands looking to break into traditional brick and mortar retail. The concept allows makers to boost their exposure and connect with a broader customer base.

The concept, named “The Market @ Macy’s,” is launching in 10 cities, including the New York Herald Square flagship, and Boston, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Ft. Lauderdale,  San Antonia,   Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, according to Macy’s. The concept will eventually be in 49 out of the 50 major U.S. markets.

Unlike a traditional concession operation, Macy’s staff will operate the shops. Makers need to pay an up-front fee, but keep 100 percent of the profits. There is no long-term commitment, but a one-month minimum is required.

The concept is similar to other pop-up concepts like Story and Bulletin. Each feature curated experiences featuring unique brands and merchandise.

Pop-up shops are a natural for big box retailers looking to experiment with new brands and product lines, and with increased pressure from online retailers, brick and mortar merchants need to create new and compelling reasons to get foot traffic to their stores.

Market @ Macy’s

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