Meet Caper, the AI-powered Smart Shopping Cart

February 04, 2019

Amazon entered the convenience store space last year with their Amazon Go stores. Go stores are fully automated and require no checkout. Competitors are now racing to build their own self-checkout solutions. But cost is a definite factor – the average cost of a build-out of an Amazon Go store is rumored to be around a million dollars per store.

The Caper smart shopping cart may fill that gap. The Caper cart is an AI-powered smart shopping cart that lets customers skip the checkout line.

The Caper cart combines image recognition via 3 cameras and a weight sensor to identify items without a barcode scan. The carts come equipped with an interactive screen and card swiper.

The creators say that store purchases are up 18 percent per visit when customers use the Caper cart. This is in part due to the display screen which shows shoppers deals and recommends products as they shop.

The cost of a Caper cart was not disclosed, but you can be sure it’s way less than the tech involved in setting up a Go-type store experience. The cart concept is an affordable, scalable concept that will help smaller chains compete in the checkout-free convenience and grocery space.

The company says its shopping carts are already being used at two grocery stores in New York City, and plan to launch them at 150 more stores during 2019.


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