‘Micro Visits’ Rise at Whole Foods with Amazon Lockers

April 05, 2018

Whole Foods amazon locker

Shoppers are making more quick stops at Whole foods stores that have Amazon Lockers installed. This is according to a study released last week by location data advertising firm, inMarket.

The micro visits, which are defined as three to five minutes in length, increased 11 percent at stores with the Amazon Lockers since the acquisition of Whole Foods by the eCommerce giant on August 28. This compares to a 7 percent increase of visits in stores with no lockers, according to inMarket.

As we’ve reported, “Porch Pirates” are a growing problem for e-commerce shoppers, and the remote Amazon Lockers are a good deterrent for people with unguarded front steps or apartment buildings.

The lockers are staged by Amazon and made available to customers at no extra cost. The drivers deliver to the lockers instead of the billing address; then the customer is given a one-time code for access to retrieve their goods.

Customers visiting the lockers for pickups could be tempted to knock a few items off their grocery lost or pick up something that’s been promoted. The in-store lockers also let shoppers experience changes in-store during their visits.  

Whole Foods can drive impulse sales by placing products adjacent to lockers and providing quick and easy payment options, such as self-checkout, said Stewart Samuel, program director for IGD Services.

“As good as delivery is getting – one-day delivery, sometimes one-hour delivery — that still can’t compete with the one-second immediacy of being in store and picking up that avocado that I’m about to make guacamole out of because I thought about it in that moment,” Todd Dipaola, chief executive and founder of inMarket.

Micro visits have accounted for about 9 percent of all visits to grocery sellers so far this year, with Whole Foods lagging at 6.5 percent, inMarket said.

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