Murder Your Thirst with Liquid Death

February 01, 2019

Innovative packaging helps to sell products. And nowhere is that more evident than the beverage sector. A good example is Mountain Dew. Splashy packaging and innovative marketing took Mountain Dew from a small sub-brand (with an actual hillbilly on the label) to a multi-billion dollar brand associated with youth and action sports.

West Coast creative turned entrepreneur Mike Cessario is betting big that clever packaging and marketing will help sell something fairly common in a most unusual way.

Mike wants to sell water. Not just any ordinary water. This is mountain water from the Austrian Alps. The name? Liquid Death. (The joke to kids is that water is more dangerous than energy drinks). And he wants to sell it in cans. Water is big business – a $240 billion dollar market in 2017 that will surely grow. And why not sell in an aluminum can which can be recycled far easier than plastic.

Liquid Death started as a side project between Cessario and cofounder Mike Jones. It began with a viral video that might remind people of the Dollar Shave Club video from a few years back. People responded to it so they decided to create the actual product. They worked for a year building an online following before launching Liquid Death this month.

The cans retail for $1.85 a piece for a 16.9-ounce can. The price is competitive with other premium water brands, except this one is in an awesome-looking metal can. Liquid Death can be delivered to your door in 12-packs. For now, you can only find Liquid Death on their website or at

Liquid Death

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