Online Shoppers Would Rather Have Free than Fast Shipping

November 15, 2017

Deloitte 2017 Holiday Survey

Fast or free shipping, that’s the age-old question in eCommerce.

Turns out, free shipping is much more important to shoppers than fast shipping for an additional fee. Additionally, 65% of shoppers think they should be able to order item after December 17 and still get free shipping.

These findings are part of Deloitte’s 32nd Annual Holiday Survey of consumer spending intentions and trends.

Here are the numbers:
88% of the shoppers surveyed said free shipping is more important, compared with just 12% who said fast shipping was more important, but just 12% said fast shipping was more important.

And a whopping 72% of respondents said they plan to take advantage of free shipping offers this holiday season.
And shoppers don’t want to pay extra for expedited shipping: 64% of those surveyed said they would not be willing pay extra for two-day shipping.

Shoppers also indicated they would pay, on average, just under four dollars ($3.80) to guarantee next-day delivery.

Asn just what does ‘fast shipping” mean to consumers these days? In the survey, 54% said they consider three to four-day shipping “fast,” but that percentage has been falling in recent years, down from 42% last year and 63% in 2015.

Deloitte 2017 Holiday Retail Survey

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