Parcel Guard is a Smart Mailbox for Online Shoppers

February 06, 2019

You, or someone you know, has had a package stolen from their doorstep. As ecommerce grows, so will this type of theft. Companies seeing a need to protect against this type of theft have invented all sorts of gadgets and boxes to help combat the ‘porch pirates’ (remember the Glitter Bomb?).

Appliance company Danfy has thrown their hat into the ring with their new smart mailbox called the Parcel Guard. Parcel Guard is a mailbox that can only be accessed by your delivery person/mailman and you.

Here’s how Parcel Guard works: A delivery is made via the anti-theft drop slot like those found on USPS mailboxes and falls into the bottom vault. Once the package goes in, there’s no way to reach in and pull it back out. The vault is equipped with a weigh sensors that detect when a package has been delivered and sends a mobile notification. The vault can only be opened using a physical key or through the Parcel Guard app.

Parcel Guard is made with industrial-grade plastic. It’s not small – the unit stands at 39.4″ tall, 19.7″ wide and 15.9″ deep. The drop slot is 10″ x 15″, and 8″ deep, large enough to accommodate standard package sizes. The box will also come with an informational sticker you can place on the front that instructs drivers to drop packages here instead of leaving them by the door.

For large (or fragile) items that need to be placed inside the box instead of dropped, the driver simply scans the package which triggers the safe door to unlock. The box also includes wireless connectivity, a motion-activated IP camera (so you can see the delivery in action), a tamper alarm, and a weight monitor.

So that thieves don’t just pick the box up and run, it can be bolted to the ground or weighed down.

The Parcel Guard by Danby is available for pre-order for $429.

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