PayPal Gets Deep Into Google

May 31, 2018

paypal google paymentsGoogle has made some changes this past year to their payment services under Google Pay to make transactions more frictionless (and more widely used). Now Google is taking it a step further and adding deep integration with PayPal.

When users add Paypal to their Google Play accounts, they’ll be able to pay for things using PayPal – without logging in and having to leave Google.

The integration will cover apps like Gmail, Google Store, YouTube and Google Pay. It will also cover peer-to-peer transfers.

Payment companies are in a constant battle for the user’s attention. Having another seamless route for payments benefits consumers who may be used to online payments, but may not want to set up yet another account, and prefer to use their own flavor of payment systems. It also benefits Google, as they’ll most likely see more completed transactions.

The service is expected to go live later this year.

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