PayPal’s AR Payment Glasses

May 15, 2018

Soon, you could be paying for goods with your glasses. That’s what PayPal has in mind, according to recently revived patent. The patent was originally filed in 2016.

A shopper wearing the glasses would see product and purchase information including descriptions and return policies hovering above the items.

The glasses would then take the shopper through the vendor checkout and payment with information already stored in the system.

Don’t look to PayPal to roll out the payment glasses anytime soon. But it is likely to have an offering if the technology becomes mainstream, said Ramsey El-Assal, senior vice president and a FinTech analyst at Wall Street firm Jefferies.

It’s important to keep an eye on tech companies like Apple who have been quietly working on AR projects of their own. Once these technologies go mainstream, the companies that have invested in AR tech and patents now will be the big winners in the space tomorrow.

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