Real-Time Reporting with Shopify Live View

November 21, 2017

As an eCommerce store owner, it can be challenging to keep tabs on the pulse of your store. New visitors arrive each second, items are being added to carts, and customers are making purchases.

Now, with Shopify Live View, store owners can watch that activity happening in real time. Now you have a go-to visualization of your store’s activity and live performance so you can move as quickly as your business.

Before diving deep into Shopify analytics, Live View will help you get the big picture. Then you can explore the full dashboards and reports for a complete understanding of your store’s activity and performance.

It’s the perfect way to monitor a sudden spike in activity, like when a sale launches or you score a press mention.

With Live View, you’ll be able to track how many visitors are on your site – and where they’re from. See how many pages are being viewed right now.

Monitor daily total visits, orders, and sales. Keep a pulse on your purchase funnel as visitors add items to their carts, start the checkout process, and successfully make purchases.

An interactive map lights up, showing you where your visitors and orders are occurring at this exact moment. That means you can watch your marketing efforts, like a promotional email or press mention, pay off.

Live View is available to all merchants with an online store on both desktop and mobile.


Introducing Live View: Watch Visitors Become Customers with Real-Time Reporting

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