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October 19, 2018

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As the world of eCommerce grows, so do the choices for consumers. You can easily shop by price or selection – but do you know where your products are really coming from?

Many consumers want to know that the money they spend supports things they believe in. Demand for ethically-sourced, fair trade, sustainable goods is growing rapidly. But this group of consumers realizes its hard to find out if a brand they know is doing good for people and the planet.

A startup called DoneGood is unleashing the world’s most potent force for change: the dollars we all spend. DoneGood makes it easy to use your purchasing power to make the world better every time you shop online.

DoneGood is the online shopping platform that makes it quick, easy and affordable for these consumers to find the ethical and sustainable products they want—and know they can feel good about every purchase.

DoneGood can be used in two ways. First, is the DoneGood plugin: Shop as you normally would, and when you search for products the plugin automatically shows socially and environmentally responsible brands that have the kind of product you’re looking for, right along the side of your screen. Or, shop the DoneGood shopping website and easily find thousands of products from hundreds of mission-driven brands all in one place.

DoneGood users also get access to exclusive discounts on products from DoneGood’s partner brands.

Currently, there are 140+ partner brands (including Patagonia and Warby Parker) paying to promote their products through DoneGood. DoneGood also has cross-promotional partnerships with major organizations like 1% for the Planet, Rain Forest Alliance, B Lab, Free the Slaves.

DoneGood makes money via commissions (usually 10%, as high as 20%) on products purchased through the platform.

DoneGood was created with the belief that the dollars we all spend can be the world’s most powerful force for change.


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