Social Video Shopping is Showing Results

March 15, 2018

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Shoppable social video is coming of age, and we can look to recent shopping events as proof.

Last week, shoe brand Allbirds held an exclusive Instagram-only sale for their limited edition “confetti” shoes. The shoes were only available on Instagram and would not be sold on their site.

And let’s not forget the recent Air Jordan’s flash sale on Snapchat during the NBA All-Star Game last month.

These two campaigns give further proof that consumers are ready and willing to shop via social platforms.

MikMak is one company that’s making this a reality. The trick to social shopping is removing the friction between creating good advertising and the cumbersome process of completing a sale on a mobile device.

Brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Pepperidge Farm and Under Armour are seeing positive results with the platform—and looking forward to the future of social video.

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MikMak Attach, the company’s core product, lets brands tie shoppable video ads to additional video content and the retailer’s own eCommerce experience. It’s all brought together by a MikMak URL that attaches to the brand’s customer relationship management, data management program and ad managers.

Retailers can choose from six different ways to incorporate a video into a potential shoppable experience.  MikMak gives brands the ability to replicates the experience of visiting the retailer’s website without leaving the social media platform.

For example, brands can use the MikMak Attach Cart to promote their product. The customer would first watch a video, swipe up and see additional video content, add the item to their cart and then tap the “Checkout Now” option and complete their purchase—all without leaving Instagram.

Other retailers can use features that allow the consumer to select from different retailers to shop for the product they see in the video. Upon picking a retailer, the consumer closes the transaction with the preferred seller.

In an interview with Adweek, Rachel Tipograph, founder and CEO of MikMak said, “Since the internet will be one big video, commerce will have to be a part of it in a significant way”.


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