Take the Guesswork Out of Gifts with Target’s Gift Now Program

January 18, 2018

target gift now

You can finally take a bit of the guesswork out of giving with Target’s GiftNow program.

Everyone has that certain someone that’s impossible to buy for. Or, the guy or gal that has everything. Or maybe they’re that certain kind of person you can’t seem to figure out, but you’re still obligated to buy a gift.

Target will help solve at least part of that problem. With GiftNow you’ll be able to send the recipient a gift that they’ll be able to personalize.

Here’s how it works: Go to and pick something your friend would like. If the product is eligible, you’ll see a GiftNow button on the product page. Once you pay for the gift, Target sends your dear friend an email saying they’ve received a gift. If there are options available for the product (clothes, for example) – they’ll get to pick the sizes and colors available. And if they didn’t like what you picked, they can exchange it for anything else at Target. (Hey, at least you tried).

You can even set the gift email to be delivered on a specific day, up to 12 months in advance. If the price on the item has dropped since you ordered it, they’ll get a gift card for the remaining balance. In the case of a price increase they’ll still get the item you picked out without having to pay extra. If they’d rather exchange it, they get a gift card in the amount you paid, not the updated price of the item.

You still have to do a little guesswork in figuring out what your picky pal might like, but at least its a step up from handing over cash or a gift card.

• GiftNow Button on Eliminates the Stress of Choosing Just the Right Gift

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