Target’s Launches ‘Smartly’ Discount Brand

October 16, 2018

Target has launched a new essentials brand called Smartly. The product line features over 70 products from hand soap, paper plates, household cleaners, and razors. Prices range from $0.59 to $11.99, with most items less than $2.

Target has over 20 private label brands, including the Up & Up line, but said Smartly will be priced up to 50% cheaper (private-label brands tend to be more profitable for retailers).

A report in the Wall Street Journal states that Target Smartly products are being priced on average around 70 percent less than traditional brands — including Procter & Gamble’s brands such as Tide, Gillette, and Charmin.  The paper also noted the products are being sold in smaller quantities or in small multi-packs, to appeal to millennial and Generation Z consumers who are just starting out and have no interest in bulk shopping.

Millennial and Gen Z shoppers aren’t as loyal to specific brands as older consumers, Target research has shown. Smartly products will be sold next to well-known brands in different product aisles throughout the store. The products will also be available via Target’s restocking program, which lets shoppers fill a box of goods and pay a flat shipping cost. Target will remove the least-performing items in each of the categories to make room for the Smartly brand.

The Smartly line echoes another familiar low-cost essentials retailer: Brandless, which launched in 2017 as the “Procter and Gamble of millennials,” which sold everything at a flat price of $3.

As with Brandless, the Smartly line of packaging has minimalist labels and features irreverent expressions that say “smells like well, nothing” on a bar of unscented soap and “no dishes tonight” for disposable plates. The Target design team partnered master perfumers for a variety of fragrances. For example, liquid hand soaps will be found in fragrances such as Rain Shower and Lavender, and all-purpose cleaners will be available in scents like Ocean and Citrus Grove.

Mark Tritton, executive vice president, and chief merchandising officer, Target said, “Over the past few years, Target has launched more than 20 owned and exclusive brands across our multi-category assortment. The introduction of Smartly is another example of how we are listening to consumers and bringing them solutions to make their lives easier. Smartly offers incredible value, looks great and most importantly, gets the job done. It broadens our assortment to give guests even more options to find the product that’s right for them, regardless of their budget.”

The Smartly collection arrived in store and on on Oct. 14 and will be available year-round.   


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